Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why, hello, there...

Lina Alicia, here,...very nice to meet you.

Growing up in Los Angeles with a mother in the fashion industry, really primed a girl to love everything gorgeous!  Sharing afternoons flipping through fashion magazines, she showed me how style can be so liberating.  Shopping anywhere from Barney's New York to Marshalls, from the designer shops on Rodeo Drive to the boutiques of Pasadena, or from JCrew to vintage, she taught me that your style is your own priceless creation. 

I love to reclaim my fashion finds.  I covet my purchases, budget conscious and budget not-so-conscious.  It is hard to get rid of my pieces.  Bringing an older piece back to life by incorporating it for the trend-of-the moment makes me giddy.

Whether it is fashion, beauty, home, or entertaining, let's raise our eclectic glasses to bursts of beautiful.  We can be punch-drunk over style together!

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  1. Very cute friend!! So exciting...can't wait to see where this leads you ;-)