Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sweet Plum Inspiration

Finding inspiration from the fruit that screams summer, sweetness, and bright bold two-toned color palate for summer nails-THE PLUM!!!!  I picked these straight from the tree in our backyard...mmm mm.

Nail Colors: Nicole by OPI- 'I'm a Belieber' (purple)   Nicole by OPI- 'OMB' (candy red)  Nicole by OPI- 'One less lonely glitter' (purple sparkle)  OPI- Top Coat

Top your nails off with manicurist's finishing spray.  I spray this and in a few minutes I can go about my summer day!  DeMert Enamel Dryer 

Oh, man!!  Everything is plum around here.  I am forcing everyone to take these plums; I take them to work, hand bags chock-full of them, and even baking cobblers.  I am in the middle of baking a Plum and Mascarpone Pie.  I do not know what I was thinking...the audacity to try a recipe from Bon Appetit Magazine.  

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flowing Chevron Stripes

 Chevron stripes goes to the knees!  I noticed ELLE magazine featured the 'new length' of skirts for fall.  I am starting a little early with the chevron stripes for summer with a tied up chambray shirt.  And strappy nude sandals, of course.  

This skirt is the other half of outfit my mother designed in the 70's!  Check out those wooden buttons, they are so exquisite.  A chambray shirt is so versatile.  I have three of them in different shades.  

Top: Chambray Shirt Lucky Brand  Skirt: Vintage  Shoes: Forever 21 
Lipstick: Armani- Rouge d'Armani #401 here   Lip Pencil: M.A.C. Mahogany 

I, so much, enjoy bright gold accessories with bold colors.  I found this turquoise and black rhinestoned necklace at Forever 21, can you believe it?!?!  This simple locket is a wonderful Anthropologie find.  The bracelet is a group of small chains through rhinestoned rounds from Banana Republic, where I always find great deals on their jewelry!!  Why do I find it so hard to pay full price?  ...thrill of the 'get when the gettin's good!' -Niki S.

 I always find gorgeous ornate studs under $40 at Anthropologie.  My earrings are gold flowers with a rhinestone in the middle, found similar here.  The sunglasses are my cheap-y version of Tom Ford 'Nikita', real ones found here.  The rings are from Banana Republic, on middle finger, and BCBG, on ring finger.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Denim Shorts Done Delicate

The delicate nature of this lace blouse needed a little rustic pairing.  Cuffed boyfriend denim shorts helps this look feel relaxed and a bit aloof.  Suede fringed heeled boots adds a bohemian touch, not to mention helping my legs feel long! 

I chose to layer a hunter green tank under the lace blouse to help showcase the gorgeous delicate detail. 

Top: Lace Blouse Anthropologie  Tank: Lucky Brand  Shorts: Lucky Brand  
Shoes: Fringed Suede Boots Forever 21
Lip Pencil: NYX- Natural  Lip Gloss: smashbox- Divine

My earrings are a balance of simplicity, yet striking.  I tried on so many gold, rhinestoned, dangling, studded earrings that just seemed like they were competing with the lace.  That is why I chose to omit a necklace.

I ended up wearing this look out to a night out with friends to a yummy Gastropub!

I love piling on rings!  These rings I have collected over the years.  The bracelet lends the natural feel of the leather and coins.  Oh- and my manicure totally camouflaged into the bark of the tree! with nature.

Crown ring: Sweet 16 present from my parents.  Alligator ring: present from mom for my love of alligators!  Rhinestone round ring: Forever 21  
Bracelet: homemade leather lacing with Japanese coins from my trip to Japan.
Nail Polish: OPI-My Private Jet and American Apparel- GLITTER Meteor Shower (on my pinkies)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Now on Bloglovin!!

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Mirror, Mirror, give me your two cents...

 DIY:  Transform a plain mirror (or frame!) into and crisp, copper, creation with pennies!  

 hot glue gun, 
plain mirror or frame
 (this one is from IKEA here)

Step 1:  Get your collection of pennies, plug in the hot glue gun, and set up your desired design.

Step 2: Place pennies on the mirror in your desired design.  Choose the side you'd like to display.  I chose the side with this awesome shield! 

Step 3:  Place a bead of glue on the mirror and place each penny.

Step 4:  Wipe off excess strings of dried glue with a damp washcloth.


Monday, June 3, 2013

High-Waisted for Any Occasion

Two ways: high waisted- shorts and on trend crop top

 Pairing them with flats and a light sweater makes for a comfy yet cute look for day-long music fest.  Or, adding the light structure of a linen blazer and some high wedges and you have your look ready for a summer cocktail party/bbq!

Look 1

  Two things are for sure at music festivals, warm weather and a lot of walking!!  I keep it cool and effortless for our local music fest.  

This frilly crop button-up is one part of a set from my mother's designs!!  She designed this in the mid-70s.  As those crop tops are 'cropping' up in the trends, I like to match them with high-waisted bottoms.

 The light coral color of this linen blend sweater compliments the burgundy stripes in my top.  And the gold buttons are so precious!

 Top: Vintage similar here Shorts: Joie similar here Sweater: J Crew similar here
Sandals: Steve Madden Sunnies: Paul Frank aviators  Clutch: gift
Lipstick: Nars- Gipsy

Gotta run!!

Look 2

Jacket: Anthropologie  Wedges: Steve Madden

Purse: ABACO 
Starfish Ring: J Crew  Bow Ring: Forever 21  Ivory Rings: Vintage