Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Flowing Chevron Stripes

 Chevron stripes goes to the knees!  I noticed ELLE magazine featured the 'new length' of skirts for fall.  I am starting a little early with the chevron stripes for summer with a tied up chambray shirt.  And strappy nude sandals, of course.  

This skirt is the other half of outfit my mother designed in the 70's!  Check out those wooden buttons, they are so exquisite.  A chambray shirt is so versatile.  I have three of them in different shades.  

Top: Chambray Shirt Lucky Brand  Skirt: Vintage  Shoes: Forever 21 
Lipstick: Armani- Rouge d'Armani #401 here   Lip Pencil: M.A.C. Mahogany 

I, so much, enjoy bright gold accessories with bold colors.  I found this turquoise and black rhinestoned necklace at Forever 21, can you believe it?!?!  This simple locket is a wonderful Anthropologie find.  The bracelet is a group of small chains through rhinestoned rounds from Banana Republic, where I always find great deals on their jewelry!!  Why do I find it so hard to pay full price?  ...thrill of the 'get when the gettin's good!' -Niki S.

 I always find gorgeous ornate studs under $40 at Anthropologie.  My earrings are gold flowers with a rhinestone in the middle, found similar here.  The sunglasses are my cheap-y version of Tom Ford 'Nikita', real ones found here.  The rings are from Banana Republic, on middle finger, and BCBG, on ring finger.