Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sweet Plum Inspiration

Finding inspiration from the fruit that screams summer, sweetness, and bright bold two-toned color palate for summer nails-THE PLUM!!!!  I picked these straight from the tree in our backyard...mmm mm.

Nail Colors: Nicole by OPI- 'I'm a Belieber' (purple)   Nicole by OPI- 'OMB' (candy red)  Nicole by OPI- 'One less lonely glitter' (purple sparkle)  OPI- Top Coat

Top your nails off with manicurist's finishing spray.  I spray this and in a few minutes I can go about my summer day!  DeMert Enamel Dryer 

Oh, man!!  Everything is plum around here.  I am forcing everyone to take these plums; I take them to work, hand bags chock-full of them, and even baking cobblers.  I am in the middle of baking a Plum and Mascarpone Pie.  I do not know what I was thinking...the audacity to try a recipe from Bon Appetit Magazine.  


  1. Cute color combo! Love the inspiration too!! So I always wondered if that nail spray was a gimmick or if it is really useful...worth it?

  2. Totally worth it!! Better deal at the larger size for $3.99!!

  3. So pretty and the glitter is such a fun addition!