Friday, July 19, 2013

Boots Standing Tall

Resuscitate your boots!!  Even though it may be hotter than hell to wear your tall boots, they still need to keep their shape for when that first cool breeze of autumn blows through.  Those poor pony hair boots slouching and looking so sad.  Bring them back to life with this trick...old catalogues and magazines!!

If you are like me, you have too many old magazines from 5-6 months ago, old JCrew and West Elm catalogues.  But you feel guilty just tossing them?  Rest your pretty head and recycle them as boot fillers!!!

Grab about 30 pages, or so, depending on the heaviness of the boot, and rip a chunk out with the binding.  This will hold the pages together.

Fold in half...

...and slip into boot all the way to the sole.





  1. omg, this is such a good idea! you saved my boots!

  2. I have seriously been debating whether to throw away my old mags...such a good idea to re-purpose them!