Monday, August 12, 2013

Romancing the Stud

Vintage Silk X Studded Flat Boots

What to wear on a date on a Monday night? ...or any night for that matter. Sometimes, a date during the week feels like it should be toned down a bit, not necessarily. For a romantic Monday evening celebrating an anniversary, I focused on color and texture.

Killer Dress: I found a treasure of a dress in this vintage dress in an eye-catching fuchsia. The vintage store keeper mentioned that she wanted to shorten it before she placed it on the floor. I was so excited she left it in its original state-I'll shorten it later for a "Mad Men" feel. And for $35, it was mine.

Studded Flat Boots: Instead of my usual stilts I opted to pair my studded flat boots. These are my, like my friend Danielle likes to say, "scheap" version of the very "chic" version of Chloe's Susan Studded boots. I found mine at Zara on sale for $39.99 compared to the designer version at $1,345. Believe me if I could, I would!

Leather Jacket: This moto jacket is from H&M "Girl with The Dragon Tattoo" by costume designer, Trish Somerville. A effin' cool Christmas gift from my brother.

Earrings: The ornate stained-glass earrings are bold enough to wear alone without the distraction of a necklace. I love to highlight my big beautiful earrings with a deep side part...and not to mention attracting my stud's focus towards my d├ęcolletage;)

Studded Belt: My mother's studded yellow belt from "Right Bank Clothing Company", a trend setting shop on Rodeo Drive in the 80s. She gave me two of these belts. She would wear them together, intertwined.

Bracelet: Wrap studded bracelet found at Forever 21, similar here. I turned it into a hand piece! I added the gold chained bracelet for...more sparkle, which is from Banana Republic.

Have a great time, cheers!

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