Wednesday, August 28, 2013

DIY Wall Art?

Sure, why not!  You made it, you may like it...or not.

My brother, R.J., gifted me Breakfast at Tiffany's wall art while he was in Chicago, at art school.  Little did he know it would cost him 3x as much to ship it to L.A. than it was to buy Ms. Golightly!  He scrapped the idea and started to fill the negative space with quips from his college days.  Who knows what the exact story behind each one?  Someday, I will find out.  Until then, like a true artpiece, I will gather my own story of his perspective.  So, he liked what it turned into and tore it down and brought it home to L.A. with him.  Although my eyebrows burrowed when I first saw it, i realized I was looking into my brother's random college days.  I loved it! 

My idea was to pull Audrey Hepburn's character together, the manic, imaginative beauty she was.  I wanted to use natural fibers in contrast to the flashy color, the randomness of each word and phrase, and the grandiosity of this fabulous screen siren.

  • I chose a wrapped canvas big enough to have a border around the piece.

  • Using Rust-Oleum Satin Spray Paint, I wanted to match the color of the canvas to the twine. 



  • When positioning the pieces on the canvas, I measured the borders and space between each part.

  • I penciled in markings around each piece to maintain the correct measurements throughout the project.

  • I picked natural colored twine to wrap, knot, and contain Ms. Golightly. 

  • Lining up each piece is the hard part, especially as you are lifting each one to tie and wrap it with twine.  I would tie it around the canvas and some times I would tie it to the back beams. 

My new art piece!

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