Sunday, September 1, 2013

Underneath it [Over]Alls

 Overalls?!?  Really?!?!  Hmm... Okay, I will take that challenge.  

So, I was shopping at Anthropologie with my 'birthday 15% off postcard," when I spotted this silky number.  How cool are these?!?!  A sultry take on the denim overalls everyone has been styling lately.   The only question was, what the hell do I wear underneath it all-the over all?  I tried sweet colored tanks, but felt like a third grader.  I tried flow-y tops, but felt so frumpy.  So, I spotted this bandeau and loved how it was black and white, and an ode to ND's 'Rock Steady.'  You know, black and white is the new black.  

These overalls flipped a bitch on all of the denim osh-kosh, oh my gosh.  This wide cropped style could only be paired with the highest of heels, kick-ass DVF booties, actually.  Unless, I have to plans to party with some oompa-lumpas later on, the higher the better.

I decided to wear this outfit to The Los Angeles Times, The Taste.  We sampled all of LA's restaurants from STK to Border Grill-even said 'hello' to one of the Two Hot Tamales!!  Also, spirit and wine vendors shared their new flavors of Don Julio to Bushmills to Stella Artois to Francis Ford Coppola.  

Overalls: Anthropologie Elevenses
Booties: DVF
Sunnies: Ray-Ban Caribbean here
Necklace: Forever 21

The Los Angeles, The Taste

This was amazing!  I never have a taste for whiskey, but always have a taste for oysters!!!  The Bowmore booth instructed a whiskey/oyster shooter.

1. Take a sip of the yummy oyster without the meat.
2. Take a sip of the whiskey.
3. Then, indulge in the meat of the oyster.
4. Finally, go back to the final taste of the whiskey.

What a delicious TASTE:)

Here in the Don Julio abode, they were serving up Tajin rimmed cucumber margaritas-my favorite!!

Fun on the Paramount Studios Lot...
(forgive the blurry iphone picture)

On our way out, leaving our mark at The Taste.



  1. Thank you!, Remy! They are so comfortable, yet, feel so sexy!

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