Monday, September 2, 2013

Chop Chop Crop Top Part 1

Hi-YA!!!  CHOP!!! off.

Going to back to school this week, I wanted a fresh start with a fresh new cut.  My hair was at my waist and a bit too long.  It was getting caught in everything-purse handles, my car doors, car windows, etc!  So, I went to my friend/fabulous hair stylist, Allie Paronelli at Jonathan George Salon in Beverly Hills, CA.  Always giving me the most beautiful cuts, Allie was the most excited to chop it off--mermaid hair long gone.



Photo Credit: Allie Paronelli

 Allie Paronelli and I at Jonathan George Salon


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  1. You are so brave! Your hair looks so full and healthy! Love it. Allie did an amazing job. (and, cute top too!)