Sunday, September 8, 2013

School Boy...-Ish

Back to school and a first impression.

I started my doctoral graduate program this week.  Huh?  Yeah, no kidding.  Kind of overwhelming, but it is all about perspective, right?!?!  So, why not look cute and professional [bubbly], while I am stressed the eff out [grrrr] and running around like a chicken with its head cut off?

Selecting a first impression is a very careful process.  On the first day of school, I was to meet all of my 29 classmates and professors.  Striving for relaxed, yet professional, I still wanted to exhibit my personality.  All summer I was looking out for pieces to do just that.  The summer sales were calling my name...any sale, actually.

This was my thought process:  I wanted to keep it light with neutral colors-just too damn hot in Los Angeles, right now!  The inspiration was the menswear trend meets JCrew who had lunch with Ellen Degeneres.  Her style is crisp!  I really like the menswear trend.  It is so bold, yet sexy and powerful.  But, I have to be careful and make sure I add elements of femininity or else I look like a dude-a stylish dude, nonetheless!

Pants- Khaki ankle skimmers led the way.  Ankles are so sexy now a days.  I found these on sale, in store, at Club Monaco, for extra 50% off of the sale price-$50-so, I bought them in black, too.  OMG!  I love them so much.  They are priced cheaper at the store than they are online, where they are found here.
Collared Shirt- My blue pinstriped shirt from the GAP was neatly tucked in and buttoned up to the top.  Another sale item, of course.

Sunglasses- The ever so cool Ray-Bans.
Bag- This has been my school bag for the last few years.  It is so versatile for every outfit and big enough for my computer and a couple of books.  I found this L.A.M.B. beauty at Nordstrom Rack!  It was totally love at first sight.  It makes me smile.

Blazer- I scored this 'too cool for school,' linen blazer at the Zara summer sale for $39.99!!  Knowing I had a long day ahead in air-conditioned classrooms, I knew I needed a light jacket/blazer.  A sweater looked too matronly and like a grandfather all at the same time.  This blazer fit the vision.

Shoes- And for the pièces de résistance, my ox blood, patent leather oxfords!  A $40 buy from Urban Outfitters, found herecan you believe it?!?  They had them in black, as well.  I may go back to get the black pair...  My other flats just looked so boring.  Heels were out of the question, mainly because I need to get some non-platform, wedge-free, sans stiletto, professional heels.  Hmm...any ideas?

Poodle- Introducing, the most amazing Toy Pooodle in the universe, Murphy.  He is often addressed as Mr. Murphy because of his stately qualities and intellectual expressions.

Jewelry- A gold necklace with rhinestone detail from, where else, Forever 21, was just enough sparkle for school.  I placed it on top of the shirt under the collar, where it hung right under the top button of the shirt.  I have a lot of over the top necklaces with bigger baubles, shapes, and bright colors that would have been a bit over the top.  I had to wear a watch, so I did not get caught looking at my phone in class.  My ring is David Yurman, in Smoky Quartz, and my watch is Skagan, similar style here, both generous gifts I received for graduations from my very close family.  Sappy as it may be, I had my family there with me on the first day of school...tear, sniff sniff.
Nail Polish- OPI 'Catherine The Great' & accented with the glittery 'Pink Yet Lavender.'  Matching my nail polish to my shoes was an afterthought, I swear!  But, I do pay a very sick amount of attention to detail.  So much so, that I had to two people, whom I was interviewing for, say, "I could tell you pay a lot of attention to detail."  Each chosen outfit can speak volumes.

Cheers to new endeavors!!
See you soon, I gotta run to class!

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  1. Great pick for a first impression...very "Dead Poets Society" chic!