Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall? Fall, Schmall

End of summer?  Wait, let me get my culottes!

Grasping the end of summer outfitted in culottes, I took it way back to the glorious days of the early 80s.  Complete with big gold hoops, turban head scarf, and highest leopard heels, I am ending summer with a BANG!  

I spotted these linen culottes at my favorite vintage/second hand boutique and they were mine. They needed someone to swoop them up and glamorize the prep out them!  My gold belt from my grandmother, another prized piece, added a gold matte sheen shared by my hula hoops on my ears.  As culottes are boxy in nature, I had to keep my top close fitting with this sexy racerback tank.  Cinching the culottes at my natural waist helped to create an hour glass shape.

I felt like I need something else for adornment and none of my necklaces were making the cut.  I spotted my H&M silky scarf.  Black, gold, emerald green, with chains and panthers...of course, a turban!!!  And pulling in a current trend of animal print, I love any chance I get to wear these beasts!  Leopard print pumps-a definite must.

How to tie a turban scarf

I parted my hair down the middle, took my folded scarf, and started to wrap from the back of my head.  Then, crossed the scarf at my forehead, switched ends, wrapped them to the back of my head, and tied the ends in a double knot.

Head Scarf: H&M   Top: Madewell found here 
Bottoms: Vintage Linen Culottes
Belt: Vintage from my 'Nana'  Shoes: Steve Madden
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters


Try a flashback of your own and let me know how it went.


  1. Werk!! Your Nana's belt is so cute...I want it!!

  2. Thanks, Danielle!! Grandma's can have some pretty exquisite treasures;)