Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer Night Frills

A Night at the Hollywood Bowl 

It was our last summer concert at the Hollywood Bowl with my family.  We went out with a bang with Earth, Wind & Fire!  It was a beautiful, warm evening.  You always want to dress up when going to "The Bowl," like when people used to dress to the nine when flying.  This light, frilly dress had such a relaxed, yet girly roaring 20s feel.  When spending the evening at "The Bowl," one has to keep in mind the involuntary hike up and down Highland from parking space to concert seat.  The not-so-obvious choice was my 'shoe-of-the-moment', the familiar, patent leather ox blood oxfords!!  Man, I loooove these shoes.  In the September Issue of In Style, Drew Barrymore was awesomely photographed with layered necklaces.  She was styled with one major statement necklace and another one draped around it as to give it this amazing frame.  Look below...  

I apologize for the 'fuzzy ifone fotos.'  Our real camera got quarantined until after the show, oops. 

Necklaces:  Forever 21 
Hint:  When looking for statement necklaces, seek out ones that look detailed and substantial.  I picked this one out last December.  I loved the combination of rhinestones and gold and the detail and size differences of the roses.

Photo Credit: InStyle Magazine found here
Photographer: Michelangelo Di Battista

Shoes: Urban Outfitters here   Dress: Forever 21

Light Linen Blazer: Zara (from previous post;) & cheese.

Cheers to beautiful, warm evenings!

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  1. Cute dress and perfect length...sometimes F21 is either too long or too short for me!